Credit unions exist to serve members, and that means member satisfaction is a top priority.

By receiving regular feedback from members, credit unions – such as FSU Credit Union – are not only able to improve processes and procedures to better serve member needs, but also continue providing the services and programs that members enjoy the most.

Sarah B. has been banking with FSU Credit Union and Tree Capital Credit Union for more than 14 years and said the personal banking experience and trusted advice offered by employees is unmatched.

“Being from a small town, it means a lot to be able to walk into an establishment and they know you by first name, they know your kids and family,” she said.

Sarah said she has been struggling to help her husband build his trust in financial institutions for the past 12 years. However, after working with a dedicated FSU Credit Union employee to apply for an auto loan, Sarah’s husband has begun to trust both the process and the credit union.

“He has always been very skeptical, leaving me to have the loans and take care of the paperwork,” Sarah said. “However, Sheree Walker went out of her way to explain and answer all of my husband’s questions and buy a vehicle.”

She added, “He has since decided he wanted to have a credit card for emergencies and start building his credit also, which is something I never thought he would do, but with her help and knowledge he is learning.”

Another longtime FSU Credit Union member, Aria Gaiai, moved to Hawaii and decided to try banking with a local financial institution, but was quickly drawn back to FSU Credit Union.

“I don’t care that I have to drive two hours to reach the only shared banking branch on the island that works with you. I shall do so gladly just to keep working with the one financial institution that has always treated me right,” Aria said.

Though she will continue to use a local bank as a reserve, Aria said she was compelled to continue using FSU Credit Union as her primary financial institution because she not only feels valued as a member, but has also grown to trust the online and mobile banking services offered.

She added, “Your online and mobile banking features are always 100 percent accurate and update immediately, making it easier for me to keep track of my expenditures so that I don’t overspend. You guys are absolutely amazing.”

To experience the credit union difference, open an account today. If you’re already a member of FSU Credit Union and would like to share your feedback, give us a call at 877-G0-FSU-CU or send us an email. If you have more questions, get in touch with your partners at FSU Credit Union by visiting any FSU Credit Union branch or call (850) 224-4960 (Tallahassee) or 877-GO-FSUCU (Toll Free).

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