Meet 7-year-old Autumn, who copes with a Chiari Malformation – a condition where a portion of her brain extends into her spinal column putting pressure on her brain stem and disrupting the flow of spinal fluid. Autumn had brain surgery – one of few medical interventions currently offered – to slow her progression of symptoms and improve her quality of life. FSU Credit Union members who financed or refinanced a vehicle in July helped support the Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation through our Borrow 4 Less – Give Back More Program, which will further research to find other treatment options. Autumn’s smile says it all!

FSU Credit Union is committed to making a difference in our community. Champions 4 Change is a belief that we have the power to be champions for important causes and act like champions in support of what is most important to us. Financing or refinancing your vehicle through FSU Credit Union ensures a great rate, personal service and a donation to a worthy local charity. We highlight one or more charities each month, and each eligible loan results in a donation made to these great community organizations. Through the support of members, FSU Credit Union has donated more than $164,000 to local organizations since the Borrow 4 Less – Give Back More program was created in 2013. Our members are making a difference. Together, we win! Learn more at

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