One-time Payment using Online Banking

With Online Banking, you can transfer money from your FSU Credit Union checking or savings account to your FSU Credit Union loan to make a payment.

To make a loan payment through your FSU Credit Union account, follow these steps.

  1. Visit and click the “Online Banking Login” button in top-right corner
  2. Log into Online Banking
  3. Click “Transfer Funds” in the menu bar
  4. Click the “One Time” circle
  5. Select where you want the transfer to come from by selecting checking or savings account in the “From Account/Suffix” dropdown menu
  6. Select the loan suffix you want the transfer to go toward by selecting it from the “To Account/Suffix” dropdown menu
  7. Enter the loan payment amount in the “Amount to Transfer” field
  8. Enter the date you would like this transfer to happen
  9. Click the “Transfer” button to complete the transfer
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