When logging into Online Banking, why am I getting an incorrect image?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. The FSU Credit Union app will be unavailable on November 12 and 13 while we make exciting upgrades. The new and improved app will launch November 14. Please visit our details page for important information.

This can happen in two ways.

We include an image and passphrase in order to ensure you that you know you're using the official FSU Credit Union Online Banking website instead of an imposter's website or phishing scam. Always ensure that you're visiting one of the following website URLs to ensure you're on our website. For security purposes, never click on a link within an email to access FSU Credit Union's Online Banking website. Use one of these URLs listed below or link directly to our Online Banking website through www.fsucu.org.

If you have access to more than one FSU Credit Union account, you could be trying to log into the incorrect account. You must enter the correct User ID, answer the related Challenge Question, and should see the associated image and passphrase where you’re prompted to login with your password.

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