Portia GrubbsOur Employee of the Quarter was recognized at our Staff Meeting Monday evening (Nov. 6), and it went like this…

Chuck: It’s going to take several of us to tell you about our Employee of the Quarter this time. Their feats are far too great for one person to take on … even a “Credit Union Rock Star” like myself.

Michael: This person’s quiet, consistency is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. They come in, do an amazing job with our members and team. Then, they go home and do it all over again the next day.

Grant: My interactions with this individual are some of the most telling. I see this person fight for people who need help and steer them away from possible solutions that aren’t good for them. I see this person being an advocate for our members.

Jessie: One of my jobs is to make people see how wonderful we are, so that they give us a shot. Let’s just say, this person makes my job easy.

Kinsley: This person’s longevity is admirable. They’ve stuck with us for a long time. Although every day isn’t easy, this person’s work ethic and level of commitment are inspiring. You’ll catch them sneaking in on a Saturday to call members back because the branch closed before they could get to returning phone calls or letting members know their loan outcomes. It’s also not surprising for this person to be one of the first in the branch in the morning diligently preparing for the lives she’s going to impact.

Keith: Not only does this person invest a lot in themselves, but they invest in others. They’ve learned a lot about how we operate during the years, and they freely share this information and more with the people they work with every day. They work at one of our busiest branches, and are recognized as the go-to for their branch team and for others. Seems like this person does a lot, right? Seems like they’re giving their fair share, right? But the amazing thing is, when they’re asked to do more, they do it gladly.

Chris: This person is someone special to my direct team. They make the part of my job of overseeing our branches a pleasure. Their positivity, productivity and ability to do amazing things for our members makes me proud that she’s a part of our team.

Bradley: If any of these things are making you think that you’re our Employee of the Quarter, give yourself a pat on the back because you may be one day. This kind of team member is what we’re looking for in everyone. If you’re Portia Grubbs though, please stand up to accept this certificate … you are our Employee of the Quarter!

In addition to the picture that our team painted about Portia, credit union member, Jacob, gave her a 5-star rating online and had some kinds words to share.

“They helped me produce my latest car loan. It was a very small loan, but Portia over there really took the time to sit down and explain everything to me and help us figure out the best options for us. I have banked here since I opened up my first account back in middle school to start saving money. I’d recommend coming here in a heartbeat. There are branches across town as well!”

Help us congratulate Portia for her incredible service to our members and team. She exemplifies the true meaning of “maximizing our members’ financial well-being!”

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