Did you know that when you visit FSUCU.org, you have a wealth of financial education resources at your fingertips? The FSU Credit Union Learning Library includes helpful information on financial topics ranging from Consumer Protection to Building and Repairing Credit to the Differences between Credit Unions and Banks.

The Learning Library is regularly updated with new content to educate visitors to our website about how they can make smarter financial decisions. Each topic area includes content on subjects that help visitors better understand their finances and maximize their financial well-being.

For example, if you’re thinking about financial options for the end of your career, you’ll find helpful information on the basics of a 401(k), how to start investing in mutual funds or how much you should be contributing to your retirement in the Saving for Retirement category.

Maybe you’re working to pay off a large amount of debt. We can help! In the Managing and Eliminating Debt category of the Learning Library, you can learn more about debt consolidation, find tips on paying off your student loan debt more quickly, and discover the dos and don’ts of credit repair.

But, the Learning Library isn’t just to help you plan your long-term financial success, it’s also helpful for making everyday decisions involving your money, such as how to finance an auto purchase or what steps you can take to protect yourself from cyber scams. This isn’t an ordinary blog, it’s a resource that keeps the financial success and security of FSU Credit Union members, and other members of the community, at heart.

Here’s a challenge: teach yourself something new today! Get started by clicking on the Learn menu tab at the top of any FSU Credit Union web page, then select a subject that interests you and start learning!

Screenshot of Learning Library Categories

At FSU Credit Union, we’re always looking for new ways to help our members maximize their financial well-being. If you see something in the learning library that piques your interest and you want to talk more about it, give us a call at 850.224.4960 or stop by one of our eight branch locations.

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