There are many reasons to create and stick to a budget. Here are 19 really good reasons!

1. You’ll spend less.
2. You’ll always have enough for fixed expenses.
3. You’ll argue less about discretionary spending.
4. You’ll save more.
5. You’ll have money for fluctuating expenses.
6. You’ll feel more in control of your finances.
7. You’ll be motivated to increase your earning potential.
8. You’ll feel less guilt about impulse purchases that are within your budget.
9. You’ll feel more responsible.
10. You’ll set a better example for your kids.
11. You’ll spend less on groceries.
12. You’ll invest more.
13. You’ll never miss a bill payment.
14. Your stress levels will decrease.
15. You’ll be prepared for financial changes.
16. You’ll be able to make quicker decisions.
17. You’ll find yourself choosing healthy meals and snacks.
18. You’ll be protected from debt.
19. You’ll see potential money problems before they happen.

19 reasons to create and stick to a budget


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