Each year, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) hosts International Credit Union Day, which is today, Oct. 18th.  This year’s theme is “Find your Platinum Lining in Credit Unions.” According to CUNA, the meaning behind this year’s theme is “when you join a credit union, it means you’re never truly alone. It’s more than just a silver lining. It’s the security of other people—real members like you, sticking with you through hard times.”

We feel this theme couldn’t be more fitting in the wake of Hurricane Michael and the havoc it wreaked on our families, friends, homes, businesses, neighboring towns, and beloved coastal communities. While our hearts break for the loss all around us, we feel we found a true “platinum lining” in the way our team shone through during these dark hours.

FSU Credit Union Accounting Director Kinsley Grant

One of our brightest platinum linings was our Accounting Director, Kinsley Grant. While others were hunkered down, Kinsley went above the normal call of duty to find a way to ensure our members received their electronic deposits and transfers, even as Hurricane Michael was baring down on Tallahassee, including Kinsley’s home. Without her dedication, many members would have had delayed access to, or been completely unable to access, their funds. It’s people like Kinsley who personify the meaning behind this year’s CUNA International Credit Union Day theme.

And, Kinsley wasn’t our only bright spot. Several of our team members who were scheduled to be on vacation trekked into their branches to serve members. Others had to travel through debris and downed power lines, many left their families home without electricity, and one team member reported to serve members even after her house was damaged beyond repair. We continue to be amazed at the dedication of our team to our members, and to each other.

As we reflect on our platinum lining, our hope is that you all know – like the sentiments behind this year’s International Credit Union Day – as FSU Credit Union members, you are, indeed, never alone and we are here for you through even the hardest of times.

As always, we thank you for your membership. Remember, we are offering disaster relief services to those affected by the storm. Visit the disaster assistance services page for more information.

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