As the fall school season begins, FSU Credit Union members and friends can now take advantage of the new digital financial education platform, the FSU Credit Union Financial Fitness Center! It’s time to step up your financial Phys Ed with a program that will equip you with the critical knowledge and skills you need to make better financial decisions. We added this digital experience to empower our members and give you an extra back-to-school boost!

Within the Financial Fitness Center, members can create their own Personalized Playlist. This Playlist begins with a Quiz that evaluates where you are in your financial timeline – whether buying a home, starting your first savings account, or establishing credit. This quiz is always available for you to retake to help you adjust your financial education courses.

Each program is arranged according to your Personalized Playlist. The programs walk you through a series of interactive learning modules on key financial topics that will help you on your journey to become financially fit! Enjoy an English or Spanish learning experience – simply select this setting when setting up your FREE account. All these modules are mobile and tablet enabled for a more convenient and “on-the-go” learning experience.

Get started today with your financial fitness journey by visiting the link below.

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