Ready to start that home improvement project? Looking for extra cash to pay off high-interest debt? Or, are you finally planning that summer getaway? Then a HELOC – or a Home Equity Line of Credit – may be a good choice for you. FSU Credit Union is offering HELOC rates as low as 4.25% APR* with no closing costs.*

What is a HELOC?
A HELOC is a revolving line of credit—similar to a credit card—that lets you borrow as much as you need, when you need it, up to the limit of the line of credit. HELOCs use the equity in your home as security for the line of credit.

Why a HELOC?
A HELOC is more flexible than other types of loans because you can draw down a lot or a little, as needed, and you only make payments on the amount of the available credit you use.

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    *APR= Annual Percentage Rate. You must be eligible for membership and approval for a loan to participate. Loan rates and terms vary depending on your credit score and loan history. Home Equity Line-of-Credit has a variable APR with a maximum APR of 18%. The adjustable index for these loans will be based on the prime interest rate as quoted in the Wall Street Journal two business days prior to the change and adjusted on the 1st business day of each quarter. This index is then adjusted based on members’ risk score. The rate changes shall be made every quarter and payments will change monthly based on the current prime rate and the balance. The Credit Union reserves the right to reinstate the original floor APR at any time at its sole discretion. The fees and costs required to open the Home Equity Line-of-Credit are usually between $50 and $1500. These fees will be paid by the credit union if your initial withdrawal is at least $5,000. If your loan is satisfied in full within the first year, you must pay back all of the closing costs. If the loan amount is satisfied in full within the second year, you must pay back half of the closings costs. Property insurance is required. Credit standards apply. Mobile homes may be excluded. Please contact a credit union representative at 877-GO-FSU-CU for more details.

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