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At FSU Credit Union, we want to help ensure the personal and financial well-being of our members. While most Floridians are well versed in collecting materials such as water, canned goods, and batteries, preparing your home for a disaster also means keeping your finances and insurance in order. We’ve compiled expert tips to help you stay prepared.

Your financial documents and access to your financial accounts are imperative during a natural disaster or emergency situation. Below are ways you can be prepared financially during an emergency:

  • Consider the costs associated with disasters: such as insurance deductibles, evacuation costs, and initial out-of-pocket disaster expenses for lodging, food, gas and more.
  • Make copies of your legal documents and seal them inside a locked waterproof and fireproof container. This container should be easy to access and portable in case of an emergency.
  • Be sure to include cash in your container, as ATMs can be down due to power outages during a natural disaster.
  • Utilize our digital tools to stay updated and maintain access to your accounts by enrolling in our Online & Mobile Banking. This will be necessary if a natural disaster forces you to evacuate your area. Make sure to charge up backup batteries to use your digital tools, in the event power is out for an extended time.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit within Online Banking so that you will always receive your paycheck timely – even if you need to evacuate due to a hurricane or other natural disaster. Click HERE to learn how to sign up!
  • Finally, stay updated with our credit union news during a natural disaster by visiting us at
  • Get more tips on financial first aid from FEMA.

Additionally, it is always important to stay up to date on your Home Insurance. FSU Credit Union members can take advantage of Trustage home insurance and you can double-check through the FEMA website to see if your home is at risk for flood damage. Get more tips on financial first aid from FEMA.

As unpredictable as hurricanes can be, it is important to stay personally and financially prepared for a natural disaster for your and your family’s wellbeing. The FSU Credit Union hopes these tips will assist your family in prepping your finances in case of an emergency.

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