How do I change my name on my FSUCU account?

To change your name, please provide us with an updated “Membership Application/Signature Card” by stopping by one of our branches or by downloading here.  We also will need an copy of your valid driver’s license or State ID card, as well as an official (original) of either your marriage certificate or your court-issued papers for any other name change, divorce, etc. Your new Membership Application/Signature Card will replace your older one on file.

If you choose to change your name by mail, please mail us a completed, notarized click hereMembership Application/Signature Card by downloading it here. You’ll also need to include a certified or notarized copy of your marriage certificate and/or court papers and a clear photocopy of your valid driver’s license or State ID card.  The notarization on the photocopy must be an “original notarization.” No faxed copies or photocopied notarizations will be accepted.  Please mail all required documents and identification to FSU Credit Union, P.O. Box 182499, Tallahassee, FL 32318-0022.

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