Shared Branching

FSU Credit Union members can make a loan payment at one of our many Shared Branches nationwide and beyond.

  1. Find a Shared Branch near you by visiting
  2. Enter in your zip code or full address into the fields in the “Search By” area and click “Search”
  3. Select the Shared Branch you prefer from your search results
  4. If you want to make your loan payment from your FSU Credit Union account, ensure you bring your account number and loan suffix.
  5. You can also make your loan payment from another credit union if they participate in the Shared-Branch Network. To find out if that credit union participates, click the “Does My CU Participate” tab, enter the credit union’s name and click “Search.”
  6. If your other credit union participates, ensure you bring that credit union’s routing number and account number that you’re paying from to complete the loan payment at the Shared Branch, in addition to your FSU Credit Union account number and loan suffix.
  7. This website also gives you options for locating a Shared Branch via a mobile device, texting, telephone, and live help on the telephone in the bottom section called “Other Search Methods.” Not all credit unions participate in Shared-Branch Services.
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