Why am I getting letters about the credit union needs proof of insurance on my vehicle when this has already been provided?

Many members receive this letter who have financed a vehicle with FSU Credit Union. However, FSU Credit Union is not listed as a lost payee on the member’s insurance policy. If you receive this letter, you can contact your auto insurer and make sure that FSU Credit Union is listed as a lost payee on your insurance policy for the vehicle that is financed with FSU Credit Union.

For questions regarding letters about proof of insurance on a vehicle or Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) insurance, if your letter was dated prior to October 1, 2018, please call 877-875-2923 or visit www.myloaninsurance.com to update your insurance information. If your letter was dated October 1, 2018 or later, please visit www.wehaveinsurance.com or call 800-635-5142.

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