Woman receiving an online alert

Alert U – Card Alerts

You can help keep your debit and credit card account secure by signing up for Alert U. You can receive a text message or email when your card is used for:

  • Purchases over a selected amount
  • International purchases
  • Online purchases
  • Declined purchases

You can update your preferences online anywhere, anytime through this cardholder website.

Account and Security Alerts

In online banking, you can set up alerts to email you when activity occurs on your account using parameters you set up. This is also a great service to quickly identify fraudulent activity on your account. To set them up, follow these steps.

  1. Log into Online Banking using your username and password
  2. Click ‘Settings’
  3. Expand ‘Security Center’
  4. Choose ‘Account and Security Alerts’
  5. Select the Alert you would like to add to your service and select ‘Review.’

Account and Security Alerts have several options in the drop down menu. These range from information on your Balance and Credit Transaction to your Debit Transactions and even Secure Messages. Select the Alert Type for more information.