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Did we keep our TORCH promise to you? As a member-owned financial institution, we take making our members happy seriously. Your voice, our members’ voice, is the voice the drives everything we do. We pay attention to your feedback and it’s a big way we celebrate our team.


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I needed help today with

I needed help today with getting a letter for my mom and when I reached out to Sharon Snipes she did not hesitate to help and she is always willing to in the past for me. Within a couple hours I had what I needed so I could finish helping my mom. Sharon always goes above and beyond for her members.


My truck was recently totaled

My truck was recently totaled and Sharon asked me if I wanted her to see about preapproving me to get a new vehicle. I told her hold off because I wanted to try to find something to pay cash for. I ended up finding something for more than I could pay cash for so I reached out to her and asked her about the preapproval and she jumped right on it and got me approved and took care of all the extras for me that I didn’t even think of, extended warranty, gap, the best financing terms for my situation and I was off to get my new car! I’m very happy with my experience and Sharon is always the best when it comes to loans and getting the job done! Thank you so much Sharon!


Sharon is our main go to loan officer she’s always done her best.


I was having issues with

I was having issues with my online banking and Sharon Snipes from the Perry branch office was quick to get the problem fixed. Her customer service is on point, she always has a smile on her face and goes over and beyond to help with any problems that may arise.


Devonie Proctor

Devonie Proctor is a perfect TORCH example. She mentioned I may be able to get a better rate financing my new car. She was right. She got me gap coverage and I’m saving thousands in interest! She was slammed on the first and we got there at 5:20. She stayed over an hour past closing while everyone left to personally handle our paperwork.


Your loan officer, Angela, made the beginning process so simple and easy. Angela had a wonderful attitude the whole time. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products your credit union offers. I’m sure you know Angela is an asset to your credit union. You have a great and super friendly employee.


FSU Credit Union is very personable, helpful and friendly. I always have had positive interactions with the staff.


We are treated like we are family when we enter the doors. Smiling Faces are all over the building. Loans are made convenient and easy to pay back.


Without a doubt, I had the most positive banking experience with your manager, Kiona. When I needed to find a new institution, I went to your St. Augustine branch and had my checking, 3 savings, a credit card and my car loan all setup with you. She deserves a little bonus for making sure that all my money ended up with you. You have a true gem in Kiona. Thank you for having her available to help me.


Diamond is an exceptional player on your team. I experienced a mild financial emergency and it was great to have a decision maker at my financial institution working ahead of me to meet my needs. FSUCU staff members have consistently exceeded my expectations for service and courtesy. I had to single Diamond’s efforts out as remarkable and praiseworthy. I am a very satisfied customer thanks to Diamond.