You don’t have to be a graduate of Florida State University or even a Nole fan to be a member of FSU Credit Union, but we make no apologies for the support we provide to the university and its programs. Since 1954, the credit union has proudly carried the FSU name, and the relationship has only strengthened over the decades. Our affiliation with FSU allows us to give back to our community in meaningful ways and impact the lives of those both on campus and those who proudly wear the garnet and gold (or even other far less-attractive colors).

  • We have endowed an ongoing athletic scholarship
  • We have established partnerships with the FSU Career Center and College of Business
  • We have committed nearly $500,000 to FSU-affiliated organizations
  • Many senior-level executives and directors of FSU Credit Union are proud FSU alumni.
  • Many of our Board of Directors are graduates and/or are current/retired FSU employees.
  • Seminole Boosters members automatically qualify for Platinum checking account status.