The Champion's Way to Pay! Make payments easily and securely using your mobile wallet, today. FSU Credit Union credit and debit cards are compatible with the three leading mobile wallet apps: Apple Pay,® Google Pay,™ and Samsung Pay!®

Mobile Wallet lets you carry your credit and debit cards on your devices. Once set up, you'll be able to make purchases in-person, online, or in an app without swiping your card.

Getting Started is Easy!




Choose Your Mobile Wallet Provider

Add your FSU Credit Union credit or debit cards to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac with Apple Pay.

Add your FSU Credit Union credit or debit cards to your Pixel, Google account, or any Android device with Google Pay.

Add your FSU Credit Union credit or debit cards to your Galaxy, Gear, or Galaxy Watch with Samsung Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I add my FSU Credit Union card to using Mobile Wallet?

Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. See Apple’s model compatibility list for more details.
Google Pay works on any near-field communication (NFC) enabled Android device running Lollipop 5.0 or higher for in-store purchases. Customers can use devices that are not NFC-enabled to make Google Pay purchases in merchant mobile apps.
Samsung Pay works with devices running on Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher, and supports NFC technology. See Samsung’s model compatibility list for more details.

What retailers will accept my Mobile Wallet payment?

Your mobile wallet is accepted virtually anywhere your credit or debit card is accepted. Please refer to your wallet app developer for a full list of eligible merchants:

How do I add my card to Mobile Wallet?

Open your mobile wallet app on your device. Tap the plus (+) sign found on the home screen, under “payments” or the “cards” page, and follow the prompts. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll receive your request and verify your information.

How do I use my Mobile Wallet to make a purchase?

To make a purchase at a participating store, look for the contactless symbol at the register. When you’re ready to pay, hold your phone up to the symbol on the terminal. To make a purchase from a phone app or online, choose your wallet as the payment method instead of a credit or debit card. That’s it!