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When you want to explore options beyond a savings account, FSU Credit Union offers short-term investments to fit your lifestyle. If you are ready to invest funds from six to 36 months, our share certificate/CD* accounts are an excellent way to grow your money safely.

Minimums begin at $500 for our six-month certificates and $1,000 for all others. You may also make penalty-free withdrawals or additions within the 20-day grace period following the maturity of any certificate.

More about our Share Certificates/CDs

They’re flexible – You can choose among investments that span from six months to three years.

The rate is guaranteed – When you invest in a share certificate/CD, your rate is guaranteed.

You can step up – If our rates increase during the term of your 24- or 36-month certificates, you may “step up” to that rate one time.

You’re always earning – Interest is compounded daily, and credited monthly, so you’re always earning.

Include in your IRA – All certificate accounts are available for IRA accounts.

*CD=Certificate of Deposit. Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly. 90 days interest penalty or equivalent for early withdrawal. Special Note: Fees can reduce the earnings on your account.